The Ring Reloaded Boxing Club

Train to be fit, be fit to fight.

The Ring is back and reloaded to offer you the same dedication and training!

Join our club today to get FIGHT FIT – monthly membership gets you as many group classes as you want, or check out our pricing for more personal 1-on-1 coaching.

    • Mondays: 06h30am / 17h30pm / 18h30pm
    • Tuesdays: 06h30am / 17h30pm
    • Wednesdays: 13h00pm / 17h30pm
    • Thursday: 17h30pm
    • Fridays: 06h30am / 17h30pm
    • Saturdays: 10h00am
    • Children’s group class: Fridays at 03h30pm
    • Adult beginners are also welcome to join these group classes for some boxing fun with our coach.
    • Joining and assessment fee for private classes (private members): R400 once-off.

Boxing/Fitness Classes

Attend as many as you want with your Monthly Membership

Classes are 1 hour each

Online Classes

*NEW* Drop in and train online!

Classes are 1 hour each

    • Arranged through appointment only. Please email or call: 0824041092


Pick Your Battles

Choose from a variety of group or personal classes, or contact us directly and we’ll tailor a personal training package specifically for your needs.

    • Full Membership / R1000 p/month for unlimited classes
    • Full Membership Discount / R900 (3 months upfront)
    • Gym Only Membership / R750
    • Student Membership / R900
    • Student Membership Discount / R850 (3 months upfront)
    • Drop-in Class (Member) / R200 p/class
    • Drop-in Class (Students) / R150 p/class
    • 1 Week Group Class Membership / R350 p/class (Students)
    • 2 Weeks Group Class Membership / R600 p/class (Students)

    • 3+ Persons Private Group Class / R250 p/person
    • >3 Persons Private Group Class / R300 p/person
    • 1-on-1 Private Session / R500 p/hour
    • 10x 1-on-1 Private Sessions / R4500 (Upfront)
    • 2-on-1 Private Session / R700 p/hour
    • 10x 2-on-1 Private Session / R6500 (Upfront)
    • 3-on-1 Private Session / R900 p/hour
    • 1-on-1 Half Hour Session / R350
    • 1-on-1 45-minute Session / R400
    • Special Package: 5x Private Sessions + 1 Month Membership for group / R2500

Please note: All group class members get a discount of R150 when booking for a
private session with one of our coaches to learn more techniques (R300 for a private class).

Group classes / Coaches schedule

06h30am  Haroon  Chris  Lani  Lani
10h00am Chris
11h00am Lani (Kids)
13h00pm Chris
17h30pm Chris  Nick  Lani  Nick  Didier
18h30pm Haroon

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